Things of Beauty – Part Two

AS promised, here is the second group of Howard’s magnificent models.

The first one in a Gerry Anderson trilogy is Thunderbird Four, in its natural element – OK, Howard’s fish tank – with the added touch of an led light to complete the scene.

Next up is the Shado Mobile from UFO, which was in a pretty bad way when Howard found it. He stripped the model to re-paint it, replaced the glass and the interior figures and even switched the wheels around on each side, so their unscuffed interiors were facing out. The tracks were bought from Games Workshop.
Finally, there is his masterwork – this beautiful model of Thunderbird Two, complete with Firefly.

This was made using a Japanese imported model kit that was transparent to begin with. Not only did he make the model to perfection, Howard also painstakingly masked off half of the kit while painting it – inside and out – to preserve the see-through look.

The final touch was to add the bits and pieces which make up the inner workings of Thunderbird Two, again all his own work using items he had to hand.

Great stuff – and an eye opener for the likes of me who couldn’t make anything half as good as this with the full resources of Industrial Light and Magic behind us!

And as if that wasn’t sickening enough, he took great delight in telling me his ‘I spent several days with Gerry Anderson at Pinewood Studios back in the 1970s’ story, including sitting in an Eagle cockpit and in the Moonbase Alpha medical centre. Followed by attending the press call for the Spy Who Loved Me.

Damn you Howard!!

3 thoughts on “Things of Beauty – Part Two

  • Model Citizen


    Those are exceptional.

    I used to make loads of models until last September when I started learning 3D. Have’nt had time since then to do anything.
    My gallery is here:

  • troodler


    The Japanese are mad for transparent model kits. We recently bought a transparent Tachikoma, and it looks so good unpainted that we’ve not put a brush to it at all 😀

  • Lalalaura


    Seeing this reminded me of the mid-ninties Blue Peter Tracey Island craze. Ah, the nostalgia!

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