scyfilove Doctor Who series five polls – the results

The Doctor and Amy, in the TARDIS

The Doctor and Amy, in the TARDIS

THE big has banged and the Pandorica has opened, closed, opened again and saved us all – but what did you make of it all?

That was what I asked in setting out five Doctor Who polls for site readers to vote in and decide what was the favourite episode and best moment, as well as your reaction to Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat.

You answered in your hundreds and so here are the results – did you pick a winner?

1. What was your favourite episode of series five?

WITH 13 episodes to choose from the voting was – as you’d expect – split, with most episodes picking up solid support.

The two that didn’t – with a grand total of zero votes between them – were Victory of the Daleks and Vampires in Venice. Zip, nada, nowt, despite Toby Whithouse‘s and Mark Gatiss‘s hard work.

The top three – in reverse order – were The Eleventh Hour in third with 15% of the vote, Vincent and the Doctor in second with 20%, and in first place with 33% of votes, series finale The Big Bang.

The Big Bang

The Big Bang

2. What was your favourite moment of series five?

Another wide field for this category, with choice ranging from fish custard to the Weeping Angel coming through the screen to Space Spitfires.

Again opinion was split, but in the end there was a clear winner, one I wholeheartedly agree with.

The top three were the big reveal of the Pandorica, which received 16% of the votes in third, then the Fez. Just the Fez in second with 19% of the vote in second.

The winner, with 29% of the vote, was Vincent van Gogh’s visit to the museum in Vincent and the Doctor. It was a fantastic and emotional end to a great episode that had me – and everyone else it seems – crying with joy in a series that was accused of lacking heart at times. Wonderful stuff.

3. What did you think of Matt Smith as the Doctor?

Matt Smith as the Doctor

Matt Smith as the Doctor

Talk about huge shoes to fill! Matt Smith was taking over from David Tennant, the man who was the Doctor as far as an entire generation of viewers was concerned.

The choices here were David who, still to prove himself or wibbly-wobbly at best.

The results were about as emphatic as it gets with 86% of you saying he was absolutely awesome, a verdict I agree with.

The rest of the vote was split with a couple of commentators saying they wish the Doctor would degenerate into David Tennant and was  – and I quote – fucking abysmal.

4. What did you think of Karen Gillan as Amy Pond?

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

Potentially a difficult category this, as Amy Pond had attracted her share of criticism throughout the series.

The choices were ‘I love her like Rory does’, ‘still making my mind up’, ‘can’t wait to see real Amy now her life is fixed’ and ‘couldn’t the Daleks have offed her’?

The results showed that 61% of you loved Amy and want to kiss her, not as conclusive as Matt but still a strong endorsement.

Just 3% wanted her whacked, with the rest of the votes looking to see what the future would bring. I was particularly taken by one of the comments, which simply said ‘SHOUTING!’

5. Did Steven Moffat deliver as Doctor Who showrunner?

Steven Moffat and friend

Steven Moffat and friend

UNANIMOUSLY lauded for his work on Doctor Who, Steven Moffat seemed like the natural successor to Russell T Davies to take the reigns when the Welshman headed for Hollywood.

Your votes in the poll show he lived up to his reputation, albeit with some room for improvement as there always should be.

55% described the series as a triumph and 43% said the series was good and they are looking forward to the next one. Just 2% said there were some great moments but that was it, while no-one asked for RTD’s phone number.

And there we have it – your verdict on series five in all its glory. Thanks to everyone who voted and here’s to the Christmas special and series six.

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