Don’t Turn Back Time

THE Tardis’s tow rope has hardly been packed away on series four and already the rumour mill is cranked up to the max about the Moff’s series five.

Specifically, big noises – kind of like deep, sustained booming sounds crossed with a hammer hitting a bag of chips – are being made that we may not have seen the last of Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins.

Tate has revealed that the Moff has been in touch with her about Donna, although in what capacity is not clear.

On the face of it, this is a good thing. After all, they both bowed out with honours last time around – Tate as probably the best companion since the show’s return and Cribbins as her tender, caring grandad (who we all wish was our grandad!) .

They were both great and their layered and touching performances added so much to the series and served as fantastic counterpoints to David Tennant.

But – and this is a big but (about THIS big) – their story ark ended with all the finality of a big box that has this is the end written all over it in red paint, and that is packed with finality.

It has been stated clearly that Donna will burn up if she remembers anything about her time with the Doctor, and that rules Wilf out as well, because the Doctor would not be so cavalier as to meet up with Wilf and so risk Donna.

Yes, I know there was a glimmer on Donna’s ring, but so what? Will that lead to a convoluted solution that allows the Moff to pulls the same switcharoo as RTD did with Rose?
While a writer of his skill would be able to carry it off, I hope not and think it would be a massive mistake.
When Rose was trapped in the alternate universe, the shock of that, of her hammering at the wall in Torchwood in tears, carried real weight and strength.

Her strange-toothed return did not, and almost got in the way of the real story, which was Donna’s fate.
Every time you go back on yourself on that scale – you say you can’t do something and then suddenly announce you can – you are messing with the viewers and their faith in the show.

Sometimes the end has to mean the end. Sometimes the Doctor cannot save the day.
Resist the temptation Steven – leave the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff in its box in the corner (next to that tow rope and those new Adipose stories) and move on.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Turn Back Time

  • the orange monkey


    “reset” I mean.. Not rest.

  • The Orange Monkey


    It’s alright, they can do what they always do on Dr Who and just slip a huge switch and rest everything while shouting something about time fulx preambulators. Sorry, to rant, I hated that last episode.

  • Nicola


    Totally agree with your blog!

  • Phil Mil



    What kind of git would deliberately screw up someone else’s summer with the kind of vile, filthy rumour that would fully jusify the messenger being shot — although only after his wedding tackle had been subjected to a 4-hour session in a hydraulic bench vice.

    What have I ever done to you? The only glimmer of hope I have is that she reappears only to be told her back story and instantly perishes through spontaneous combustion.

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