Cool links

I NOTICE with some disdain that other bloggers have been posting purely with links to other sites.

Pah, I thought – how dare they? I mean, how bloody dare they?!!

It’s as if they’re taking the easy option, but then I thought I could do that too, so I have.

The first link is an absolute beauty, shown to me by Graham Bandage.

It is a Cheerios advert from the 1950s-60s, and is typical of the type of stuff to be found on the Prelinger Archives.

This is a massive collection of cheesy public information films dating from before the war onwards, on virtually every topic you can think of. The great thing is they are all in the public domain, and therefore you can use them for whatever you want!

For link number two, I am indebted to Geekdad on Wired, who highlighted a fantastic auction of stuff at Profiles in History

Basically it is an auction of close to 1000 items of movie memorabilia, which include Marty McFly’s hoverboard ($30-50,000), Arnie’s jacket and gun from Total Recall ($4-6,000), Robert Patrick’s costume as the T1000 when he was frozen and James Marsdens’ Cyclops visor from X-Men 3 ($6-8,000). Oh, and Wolverine’s jacket ($20-30,000) or Magneto’s outfit, with Rogue’s thrown in ($30-50,000).

I could go on, but even if you can’t afford it (and I can’t!) it is still great just to look at.

So there you go – two links to keep you busy while I come up with new stuff to write! Get linking!

2 thoughts on “Cool links

  • The Orange Monkey


    Damn it, I want a moon rocket kit. None of your “choking hazard” nonsense there.
    Incidently where is the Watchmen trailer love? I wept little geek boy tears looking at that.
    Oh yeah, and Dark Knight isn’t too shabby either

  • Earl Holliman


    I really think that hoverboard would be worth it, providing it worked as advertised.
    So here’s a question for you – which piece of sci-fi gimmckry do you most wish really existed?
    I’m ruling out the sonic screwdriver, because that can far too conveniently do anything (although I note that it can actually loosen or tighten actual screws).
    I’m also ruling out Lightsaber (TM), because you’re bound to choose it!
    Right off the top of my head, I’m going to say …. Robbie the Robot off of Forbidden Planet.
    Not only is he in one of my all-time fave fillums, but Robbie – as he proves by making all that whisky for Cookie in the famous making-whisky-for-Cookie scene – would be a mate as well as a bit of cool technology.
    There ya go …. bound to think of something else as soon as I hit return but at least it sets the ball rolling/
    (Oh, and you can’t have the Tardis either – but you could have a Cyberman … and send him to the council offices to complain about a parking ticket for you …)

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