Avatar special edition poster reminds me why Neytiri was my favourite

CHECK out this breathtaking poster for the special edition of Avatar, showcasing Zoe Saldana‘s Neytiri in all her big-eyed glory – I see you indeed.

The detail is striking, as is the remainder of why I’d break my humans only rule for her. Oh, and if you’re interested in why she looks like she does then I’d recommend watching Red Letter Media’s in depth Avatar review on You Tube.

But I’m pondering the never-before seen footage, which will probably be the bit on Earth and some extended Pandora stuff.

In my mind though, I have already played through every possible unseen scene and my movie is far better.

Like when Neytiri says to Jake ‘I see you’ and he replies with a wink ‘I see you too – all of you, if you catch my drift baybee!’ or when he tries to make those hair tendril things wrap around his man parts, out of curiousity. (If any man says they wouldn’t, then they’re lying)

Or where Jake remembers he was supposed to be helping re-locate the Na’vi, but before the gunships show up. Or the bit when the brilliant visuals are overtaken by real emotion or drama. No? Just me?

Avatar special edition poster

Avatar special edition poster

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