Minority Report future crime predicting is now a reality

The mind-reading gizmo in action

The mind-reading gizmo in action

YES, you read that right. A team of scientists from Northwestern University in America have developed the ability to scan and interpret brain waves to discover the guilty thoughts associated with crime, just like in Minority Report.

However before we all start wearing tinfoil hats to shield our thoughts, they didn’t do this using a trio of weird looking mentalists immersed in goop.

Instead they attached electrodes to student’s scalps. Said students had been given information about a mock terrorist attack on a US city, with the electrodes monitoring a rise in brain wave activity that correlated perfectly with nasty thoughts (I wonder if ‘I hate you for making me wear this stupid hat’ was one of them?)

An amazing achievement to be sure, but I have two observations.

First, I don’t know if the electro hat is the most effective way to fight terrorism, 100% accuracy or not.

And second, look at the size of that ear!! I mean, I’ve seen some big ears in my time, but I bet they had to use a special electro hat for Dumbo to take the test.

Basically, what I’m taking away from this is that terrorists in the future have big ears.

Thanks to Derren Brown for the heads up.

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