Hugo Awards get it absolutely right with Moon, Doctor Who and China Mieville

THERE’S not often you come away from an awards show with a feeling that everything was just as it should be, but the Hugo Awards 2010 managed that most difficult of feats.

That was especially so in three categories which rewarded three of scyfilove’s favourites.

Firstly, the award of Best Dramatic Presentation to Moon is massively well deserved and sets rights some of the wrongs from last year, when it was scandalously ignored by virtually everyone but the BAFTAs and under-supported by its studio during the whole award season.

Moon was a work of striking depth and tone, mixing together philosophical questions and motifs which would not have been out of place in the writings of Asimov or Philip K Dick.

What’s more the director, Duncan Jones, is a top man and friend of the site which would make me a fan even if his film wasn’t so great. You can read my interview with him here, or visit my mate Neill’s site on all things Jones by clicking here.

For Russell T Davies – who won the short form Hugo with Phil Ford for The Waters of Mars – the Hugo represents a well deserved thank you to the big man for overseeing Doctor Who‘s spectacular rebirth.

I’m sure he would have won before now (Midnight was a classic, as was Turn Left) had it not been for the excellence of Steven Moffat. TWoM was the best of the DW specials and it was a shame that some of the ideas it looked at could not be carried further before David Tennant‘s reign came to an end.

And finally, I only recently finished The City and the City by China Mieville, winner of the best novel prize (alongside The Windup Girl by Paolo Bagicalupi, since you asked).

If you haven’t read it, then do so with all speed because – brilliant premise aside – it is a great, page-turning police procedural which I blitzed through in three days.

I love it when a book consumes me like that and – just like in my other favourite Mieville, Perdido Street Station – for a time I felt I was in Ul Qoma or Beszel.

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