US Navy railgun fires Mach 7 super-bullets

FILE this under A for absolutely awesome, but the US Navy has been testing a new rail gun that fires projectiles at speeds of Mach 7 over distances of up to 100 miles.

A rail gun works by having two rails generate a magnetic field. A conductive projectile – the super-bullet of the title because that sounds better than conductive projectile – has an electric current passed through it, which interacts with the field to fire the gun at massive speed.

The advantages of rail guns is because of the enormous velocity of the bullet, no explosives are needed – simple kinetic energy will do the job every time. Plus as the video shows, they look freakin cool in a Ming the Merciless kind of way.

It’s not for nothing that the motto of the Navy project is Velocitas Eradico, or put another way, I Am Speed and I Destroy.

This latest test firing transferred 33-megajoules to the bullet and while I’m no futuristic weapons expert, I do know enough to say for definite that getting in the way of that baby will definitely ruin your day.

Thanks to Mashable for the heads up.

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