Sci-Fi Holiday Death Monsters (or something)

FIRST of all let me say I’m sorry – I know I’ve been away and I promise not to go away for so long again.

Where have I been? Well, owing to work stuff and holidays, I just have not had the time to sit down in front of a computer screen – it’s been mental.

But during my enforced absence I have had time to think about lots of things, but specifically sci-fi holidays and – watch out Branson – they just don’t mix.

You see, it sounds very attractive to be whisked away to the moons of Jupiter for a weekend on a hi-tech spaceship, but something inevitably goes tits up.

Maybe the attractions or crew turn into unstoppable killing machines (Westworld, Jurassic Park), maybe the whole thing is part of some conspiracy to take over the world (Futureworld), maybe a passenger will be possessed (Midnight) or maybe the computer decides that the humans running around the ship have become pesky irritations … THAT MUST BE ERASED (ermm, Airplane 2).

Of course, I’m sure that the vast majority of trips on the new Spaceplane will be trouble free, but it would be just my luck to book in for the one where all of the above happens at once.

Still, I could be the plucky, debonair hero who foils the cyborg plot with bad jokes and a spatula.

But I could also be the cannon fodder, wiped out in the first few minutes, becomes an alien host kind of character, whose survival plan is to scream and wet his pants.

One thing for sure – I won’t be wearing a red shirt for my journey into space.

On my recent holiday (Cornwall since you ask, very nice) I came across some sci fi in the most unexpected of places – Land’s End – and experienced my own version of sci-fi holiday disasters.

They were hosting a Doctor Who exhibition which we enjoyed, especially my son, Izaak, who is a big Who fan. We got to meet a Cyberman, Sontarans and Weeping Angels, to name but three.

However, the family put their foot down when I said we should visit Futureworld @ Goonhilly, a museum about the future or something where you can tour the giant satellite dish, build a robot and (what I really wanted to do) ride a Segway.
I know, a bloody Segway and they said no! Were they subconsciously worried Futureworld woul turn into an android bloodbath? I’d like to think so, but they probably just couldn’t be arsed.

So I will have to file it alongside their refusal to go to Nasa when we visited Florida in 2003.

I still haven’t got over that one.

3 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Holiday Death Monsters (or something)

  • denied Nasa and future world. They are mean to you.

  • David J. Williams


    I wonder if this is what the sex pistols meant by holidays in the sun. ….

  • Best advice – if you do go don’t wear a red top (the security team in Star Trek always seem to buy it first), don’t sit near the window as you are the first into the vaccuum and remember in space no one can hear you scream!
    And if you have a cold, don’t sneeze into your space helmet (Morons from Outer Space).

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