Battle: Los Angeles trailers and clips look good, but we’ve been here before

I'VE been away for a while, but in my absence, one of the things that has caught my eye has been the trailers for Battle: Los Angeles.

The idea is Earth is invaded by aliens and we follow some US soldiers as they fight back, sort of like Black Hawk Down but with science fiction and monsters. Or, if you like, Shock and Awe but we are the people on the receiving end.

It looks the part, and while we’ve been here before (Skyline anyone?) and been disappointed, the fact that Aaron Eckhart is in it given me more reason to hope as he is a stamp of quality all by himself.

Here’s the latest footage of an alien ambush (with the dog making me think of The Thing) and the original trailer too. What do you think?

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One thought on “Battle: Los Angeles trailers and clips look good, but we’ve been here before

  • I’m thinking its another film that attempts to promise more than it can or will deliver. A lot of Hollywood execs probably watched Panic Attack set in Montevideo by Federico Alvarez realised the reception it got and put the wheels in motion to create their own cheap CGI (albeit Hollwood cheap) invasion movies. The footage that has been released is less than impressive, especially the CGI, it makes skylines look good, which i can’t beleive what i’m saying!
    But yeah someone probably said Back Hawk Down but with aliens…
    On the bright side it isn’t yet another spandex clad comic book hero remade or reimagineered for the 10th time..

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