Chat online with SF author Stephen Baxter and Torchwood writer John Fay in LiveRead

WHEN I’m not on here – which seems to be most of the time nowadays – my day job is looking after the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo websites.

But that doesn’t mean I’m walking away from science fiction – far from it – as our online literary festival LiveRead shows.

Now in its second year, LiveRead celebrates writing and writers from Merseyside and around the world. It starts on May 1 – here’s the link.

This time around among masses on content, we will be hosting two sci-fi live web chats with giants of the genre.

We start on Tuesday May 1 with Stephen Baxter. Yes, that Stephen Baxter – the guy who has worked with Arthur C Clarke and Terry Pratchett, and has a massive track record of thought provoking science fiction – who will be online from 12-1pm to talk about his work – here’s the link for that.

And then on Wednesday May 2, John Fay – the only UK writer Russell T Davies picked to work on Torchwood: Miracle Day – will be chatting live, again from 12-1pm. Here’s the link for that.

If you’re a regular reader of scyfilove (hello mum!) you’ll know I interviewed John last year for a story that went from my little blog to every major science fiction news site around the world. When he talks, people listen!

If you want a taster of how awesome they will be, here’s the web chat we did with Joe Hill last year – that’s Stephen King’s son.

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One thought on “Chat online with SF author Stephen Baxter and Torchwood writer John Fay in LiveRead

  • Jackie McElveny


    I’m totally disappointed I only discovered this site. Would LOVE to have heard the chat with Stephen Baxter, one of my favorite authors!

    Now that I’ve discovered this site, I’ll check in from time to time……

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