Doctor Who prequel starring President Nixon sets unnerving tone for new series

THE new series of Doctor Who is now only weeks away and is looking good, if the first prequel is anything to go by.

In what is a taster for series opener The Impossible Astronaut, President Nixon receives mysterious phone calls about monsters, a child’s voice warns of monsters, before we catch a glimpse of balloon-headed men in the Oval Office.

It sets the dial to dark and creepy before we have even seen the show itself, as well as indiciating we will hit the ground running come Easter-time.

That is essential this time around because of the split-structure of the new series. (which I have said was the correct decision to make)

With 13 weeks to play with, a few duds can be brushed past without too much fuss. For instance in series two, Love and Monsters and Fear Her were shown together and were very weak in my opinion.

But we’d already seen Tooth and Claw, School Reunion and the sublime The Girl In The Fireplace by that stage, building up some cool credit with the watching audience.

Similarly in series four, episodes that were ok but nothing more like The Unicorn and the Wasp and The Doctor’s Daughter were forgotten because a couple of weeks later there was the Moffat Vashta Nerada two-parter, then Midnight – all great episodes.

This time, Moffat has just six shows to play with before the curtain comes down. That means all of those episodes are crucial if the half-season cliffhanger is to generate momentum to carry the viewers through to the autumn.

It should be an incredible ride!



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