Giant Spider Discovered in Liverpool (with new pictures)

IT just appeared overnight, poised halfway up a building in Liverpool city centre.

Some say it came up from the sewers, while others have heard that scientists are being rushed in to study the creature, but no-one knows what it will do next or how much danger it poses.

The building has been cordoned off, and there is an atmosphere of fear throughout the centre – where are the army? And is the creature friendly, or will it attack?

OK, that’s enough of that – this is the latest creation of La Machine, after London’s Sultan’s Elephant in 2006.

The 50ft tall mechanical spider, called La Princess, is set to mesmerise the city for the next few days, as part of the Capital of Culture year. I checked it out for myself and got some pics on my mobile phone of the spider in the searchlights, positioned – the ‘scientists’ say – to keep it alert and stop it from laying eggs!

I know what is coming, but have been sworn to secrecy over the details. (Everyone now knows it will be walking around the city – I mean, come on!! How cool is that?)

Suffice to say that as a sci-fi geek, I couldn’t be more excited if David Tennant and the Tardis suddenly materialised in my office.
If you can. get to Liverpool this weekend – it is going to be awesome!

You can find out more by linking to here. The pictures came from my good friends at the Liverpool Echo.

2 thoughts on “Giant Spider Discovered in Liverpool (with new pictures)

  • mysticgreen


    I am so excited about this! I can’t wait to get back to Liverpool tomorrow night. Hoping to catch some of it’s wanderings while not at work!

  • David J. Williams


    verra cool. keep us posted on what else crawls out of the woodwork this w/end. ..

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