SyFy channel’s new web-series Riese: Kingdom Falling looks interesting


Riese Kingdom Falling

Riese Kingdom Falling

MY blog may be called ScyFi Love, but I should stress from the start that I am not affiliated in any way with the SyFy channel (although if there are any jobs going ….. hello? Anyone listening?)

However that doesn’t stop me from pointing out cool stuff they are up to at SyFy Towers, and their new web series Riese that premieres on today definitely falls into that category.

The lovely Christine Chatelain plays Riese, a princess who has to save her kingdom from a powerful society that have seized control, called The Sect. Her only companion is her wolf, or The Littlest Hobo as I call him.

Declared an enemy of the state, she is being pursued by the Huntsmen, led by the evil Herrick (I’m guessing they got dibs on that name after everyone’s favourite vampire Mitchell offed the Being Human uber-bad recently).

Given it is web-only, the cast list is impressive with Amanda Tapping narrating and big names such asĀ  Allison Mack and Alessandro Juliani set to make an appearance.

Production values also look solid, with loads of steampunk touches to the fantasy setting.

Will it be any good? I have no idea, but have a look at the trailer below or log on to the SyFy website later to make your own mind up.

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