Doctor Who and President Richard Nixon – exclusive picture

HERE IT is – an exclusive Doctor Who picture.

The Doctor contemplates Richard Nixon

The Doctor contemplates Richard Nixon

What do you think of it? I’m excited myself.

It shows Paul McGann‘s Eighth Doctor looking at a mask of Richard Nixon, shortly after his regeneration in San Francisco in the 1996 TV movie. I took it myself from my TV.

What? You were expecting something else? And yes, I am sorry!!

I watched the ill-fated TV movie the other night for the first time in ages, and while it had its obvious flaws it would have been interesting to see how McGann’s Doctor Who would have developed.

By flaws, I obviously mean the Doctor being half-human and Eric Roberts’s awful turn as The Master – did no-one give him any direction? And how did that get past the editors?

But McGann was engaging and the TARDIS looked fantastic – the budget giving it more scope and impact than it has even now.

What’s more, I was staggered to see how many coincidental connections it had with The Eleventh Hour, Matt Smith’s debut at the Doctor.

What do I mean?

1) The Doctor finds his new outfit by scavenging  in a hospital

Eight picks up his Wild Bill Hickock jacket look shortly after his regeneration and seeing Tricky Dicky in the hospital’s locker room, while 11 sees off Prisoner Zero before saying goodbye to the Raggedy Doctor with some new threads as he searches for clothes in the changing room.

The Doctor with Grace on a Police motorbike

The Doctor with Grace on a Police motorbike

2) The Doctor commandeers a vehicle from the emergency services

In The Eleventh Hour, the Doctor leaps into a nearby Fire Engine to save the day, while Eight steals a police motorbike, as well as travelling in an ambulance.

3) The Doctor has to do without his sonic screwdriver

Whereas 11’s screwdriver sparks out following its immersion in goop by Prisoner Zero, Eight loses his screwdriver while he is regenerating, when it is stolen along with the rest of his possessions by street hoodlum Chang Li.

4) The Doctor faces a race against time to save the Earth

For the Atraxi’s 20-minute deadline to destroy the planet in The 11th Hour, see the Master‘s plan to drain the Doctor’s lives using the Eye of Harmony by midnight at the new Millennium. Tick, tock, Doc.

5) The Doctor faces a reptilian enemy, who can disguise his true appearance

The Master first appears as a sinuous, translucent snake-like creature, before he possesses Eric Roberts’ hapless Paramedic Bruce. For 11, he faces the sinuous, translucent Prisoner Zero, before it changes into human form.

I’m sure it’s just coincidence, and thank goodness Steven Moffat is a genius mastermind who wouldn’t lift huge points from a previous story.

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