Web-tastically amazing!!!

I HAVE just got back from watching La Machine go through its paces in Liverpool. I got some video on my phone, which are above and below, and some pictures too, which you can see here on Flickr.

In the pouring rain, it was a fantastic sight – one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life. (You can see my reaction in a picture of an overexcited me on the right, caught by one of my Liverpool Echo photographer colleagues, Jason Roberts)

If you looked at La Princess, then you could see the operating crew and the hydraulics – of course you could.

But when it moved, everyone there was swept up in a fantastic, joyous and thrilling collective experience – THE GIANT SPIDER WAS MOVING!!!!

Every aspect of it was perfect – the legs, the hear, the jaws – they were all so other, so alien, so arachnid, that any disbelief was suspended totally. Add in the music, the fireworks, the water cannons, the snowstorm – and you have a once in a lifetime experience which I feel privilaged to have witnessed.

And this was only the beginning!!!!

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