Why Doctor Who Confidential being axed is no big deal

Steven Moffat on Doctor Who Confidential

Steven Moffat on Doctor Who Confidential

DO you remember that great episode of Doctor Who Confidential when that funny thing happened? Or where Steven Moffat talked about the show?

No? Me neither, which is why I have watched with growing bewilderment the internet campaign that has sprung up around BBC3‘s decision to end Doctor Who Confidential.

A Twitter account with 4,000 followers already, a petition, more tweets and Facebook updates than you can shake a stick at … and for what?

A mildly interesting addition to a great TV show, and one whos absence won’t affect my Who viewing experience in the slightest.

While the financial imperitive behind the Doctor Who Confidential shutdown makes no sense – it must only cost buttons to make – the desire of BBC3 to focus its budget on original programming is to be applauded.

While some of the programmes BBC3 puts its money behind at present are not my cup of tea and in some cases, are absolute garbage, they are new and innovative, giving new talent a chance to break through – Confidential does not fall into that bracket.

I would add that I have felt for some time that Doctor Who Confidential had also lost its purpose.

When it first returned, there was a whole audience who knew nothing of Doctor Who, so it made sense to hold their hand as they got to know the Doctor and his universe, as well as shining a light on the creative teams and processes behind the show.

That is not the case now.

For me, I feel Who’s audience is sophisticated enough to draw its own conclusions and insights over the show’s meaning and quality, and familiar enough with Doctor Who to do that without needing to listen to Dave from carpentry talk about how long it took to build a set.

If you want to look behind the scenes, then the BBC Doctor Who website seems like a natural home for videos and information like that.

As for the talking heads with Moff and other writers, even on episodes where the Moff turns the confuse-o-meter up to maximum, there are countless blog sites out there to draw upon as a resource to follow the themes, nuances and deeper levels hidden away.

For me, Behind The Sofa and the masterful Cathode Ray Tube by Frank Collins provide in-depth analysis, more than Confidential ever did. (although I accept that wasn’t its primary purpose).

So, farewell then, Doctor Who Confidential. Your work is done and done well, but don’t let the Tardis door hit your probic vent on the way out.

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One thought on “Why Doctor Who Confidential being axed is no big deal

  • Pippa Pendrell


    I don’t actually agree with this. I love/d the Dr Who Confidentials – in fact, right at this moment I’m watching the season 5 Confidentials.
    It’s great to watch what goes on behind the scenes and hear how the ideals for different things came about.
    I really miss them. Of course, I really miss the doctor too, I hope it comes back soon because 2012 has been bloody boring without him.

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