Husband and wife sell their house to finance Dimensions science fiction film

I’D like to introduce you to Ant Neely and Sloane U’Ren, the couple who sold their house to finance their independent science fiction film Dimensions: a loop, a line, a tangle of threads.

Yes, you read that right – Ant and Sloane put their money where their mouth is (and their bed and possessions were) and became homeless to tell a story using science fiction.

That is about as hardcore and inspirational as it gets and earns them a SciFiLove tip o’the cap.

As Sloane said: “It is all a bit nuts – but you only live once (I think???), and we figured we could either talk about it, or just do it.”

Dimensions focuses on Stephen, a young man in the 1920s who meets a professor at a garden party who demonstrates to Stephen and his friends  what life would be like if they themselves were merely one, or two, dimensional beings.

He then proceeds to explain that by manipulating other dimensions, time travel may actually be possible.

Stephen becomes more and more obsessed with travelling back in time to visit a moment in his childhood, in what Sloane and Ant say is a mix of A Beautiful Mind and The Time Machine.

Filmed around Cambridge with help from friends and family, Dimensions has already been shown to a massively positive reception at the Cambridge Film Festival, as well as winning the Gort Award at the 37th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival where it was the closing film.

Sloane U'Ren with the Gort Award

Sloane U'Ren with the Gort Award

It will next be shown at Sci-Fi London on Saturday May 5 at BFI Southbank.

Ant – who wrote the screenplay – and Sloane – who directed the film – have been delighted by the response.

Ant said: “The people that get it really get it – we’ve got a lot of audience members attending a second (or even third) screening at the Cambridge Film festival.  We wanted to make a film that worked on an emotional level, but that also had thought provoking layers that could be ignored, or considered, depending on the viewer.

“Of course, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – it’s not a slick Hollywood-type film with a traditional structure.  Someone described it as if Merchant Ivory had made Primer, and I think that is a pretty good description.”

And as for the burning question – they are staying with relatives and then house sitting.

During that time they are going to start doing the breakdowns and planning for the next film they hope to get made – The Man in the Fedora.  This one is a 1960s psychological thriller about two scientists who are racing to be the first to synthesise implantable fictional memories.

Here’s hoping Dimensions will open a door or two and they won’t have to sell anything else to start production!

If their determination is anything to go by, I wouldn’t bet against them.

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