Mass Effect 3 live trailer ahead of Friday’s game release of Bioware’s classic

FRIDAY is a day gamers will have had circled on their calendars for months – the day Mass Effect 3 comes out.

ME3 completes the story of Commander Shepherd and the Normandy, who have already travelled the galaxy for two games to battle the Reapers and their insect allies, the Collectors.

It will do so with a massively involving gameplay structure that sees Shepherd try and unite the dispirate races of the galaxy against the invaders.

Brilliantly, it not only takes into account your actions and relationships with other characters in this game, but is also shaped by the consequences of your decisions in previous games too.

For instance in ME2, I decided to leave a Collector base intact so its database could be used against the Reapers. However, the person gathering that information from the database was the Illusive Man, whose motivations are far from straightforward.

What will that mean? I can’t wait to find out.

Having played the demo, the gameplay does not seem to have changed too much from ME2, but it promises to be just an interesting.

And as a fan of Moon, I’m delighted to see Clint Mansell take on the soundtrack duties which will definitely kick things up a notch.

Here’s to Friday.

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