New Fantastic Four trailer – five things we learned including the Thing will be a big thing

Fox have finally released a full blown trailer for the Fantastic Four after a couple of teasers, and it was worth the wait.

While the colour palette looked a little washed out at times, as is the style of the film apparently, it had plenty of reveals and action that fans have been crying out for.

Here are five things we learned.

1) Doctor Doom can’t be any worse

For those of you who remember the two earlier Fantastic Four films, one of the many low points was the portrayal of Doctor Doom.

Julian McMahon went from evil genius and ruler of Latveria to a sneering businessman who was angry at his company (in other words, just like Willem Dafoe did as Norman Osborn in Spider-Man).

While he did well on Nip Tuck, he was out of his depth and not helped by the film-makers pandering to his desire for over-acting close up after close up. More mad, staring eyes and flaring nostrils anyone?

Doctor Doom as played by Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbell

Doctor Doom as played by Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbell

We only get a glimpse of Doom in the new trailer, but he looks fantastic and that quick look leaves the film with plenty of room for further glimpses before it hits our screens in August.

On top of that Toby Kebbell is a great actor – watch Dead Man’s Shoes if you don’t believe me. He also strikes me as lacking ego when it comes to a role, meaning he’ll happily wear the mask and not be worried about getting enough face time. My only slight drawback is it looks like this film is going down the colleague turned enemy road of the earlier films, which is a difficult path to tread.

2) Michael B Jordan will be the break-out star of the film

There was a lot of heat around Michael B Jordan’s casting as Johnny Storm, but I was never concerned.

I saw him in Chronicle, I saw him in Friday Night Lights and he was great in both. Most of his time in the trailer sees him in Flame On mode but damn the effects look brilliant – even his eyes are on fire!

Flame on!

Flame on!

But even the few lines or bits of character work he has display charisma and likeability.

Chris Evans was the break-out star from the last FF films as Johnny Storm – I think Michael will do the same this time around.

3) The Thing looks fantastic

One of the better bits of casting last time around was Michael Chiklis who seemed born to play Ben Grimm.

Jamie Bell was more of a casting stretch for me, because he seemed so slight compared to the ever-loving Thing and he still has work to do to convince me in the role.

Josh Trank’s visualisation of The Thing is absolutely spot on though.

I love the idea of him emerging from a rocky cocoon and he works better with rough edges and sharp points all over him.

Looking at what I have seen, you can believe he can go toe to toe with the Hulk.

4) Kate Mara and Miles Teller will have to work hard

Miles Teller is coming off the success of Whiplash while Kate Mara was a star in House of Cards, so they are clearly talented actors, but their appearances here have left me feeling a bit meh.

I think that Reed Richards and Sue Storm have always been the boring ones of the FF and haven’t seen anything here to convince me otherwise this time.

Kate Mara and Miles Teller

Kate Mara and Miles Teller

Against the Human Torch and the Thing, they will have to have worked hard to make their roles stand out.

Certainly they will have to put in more effort than the lacklustre Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba did.

5) What is Johnny Storm chasing?

The Human Torch is in pursuit

The Human Torch is in pursuit


It’s only on screen for a split-second, but just what was the Human Torch flying after?

A mysterious blue / white light that he blasts through mountains to catch or keep up with. Was it a missile? The Silver Surfer? Hector? The Fantasticar?

Whatever it is, it looks cool and again shows off the Torch taking to the air in style.

So there it is. What do you think?