Star Wars Rogue One takes the Jedi gamble

Star Wars Rogue One concept art

Star Wars Rogue One concept art

Did you always wonder what the Rebel commandos got up to on Endor while the A Team were feasting it up with the Ewoks? You can get some idea now after the basic premise and first teaser trailer for Star Wars Rogue One was unveiled.

Directed by Brit up and comer Gareth Edwards, SWR1 is the story of a gang of ordinary Rebel fighters who come together to steal the plans for the Death Star.

Here’s a look at the Lego version of the teaser trailer (after Disney cracked down on the proper one)

It looks good, right, with Sir Alec Guinness‘s voice adding gravitas and serving as a nice contrast to the increasingly desperate combat chatter at the end.

Visuals aside, this type of story is nothing new in the now-disavowed Expanded Universe –  try Star Wars: Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn which sees Han Solo gather a ragtag band of thieves and con artists to steal a priceless treasure, or most of the Rogue Squadron books.

What is new though comes from its setting just before A New Hope, at the tail end of the Empire’s Jedi purge.

Speaking at Celebration, Edwards said: ““It’s about the fact that God’s not coming to save us. The absence of the Jedi hangs over the movie.”

That is a massive step, as all previous films and 99% of Star Wars books and computer games focused on or included the Jedi in one form or another.

It’s also refreshing to see Doctor Who alumni Felicity Jones in the lead.

“We wanted to see fear, humour, and warmth” in the character, Edwards said, not just a clichéd image of a warrior.

Potentially it is a great story, allowing for the fact that we know the ending, but it looks set to be a different take on the Star Wars universe, a look at the ordinary men and women who fight for the Rebellion.

All in all, a promising start to the first in the Anthology series of films.

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