Top 10 holiday science fiction books to read by the pool

Some of the books any science fiction geek could read this summer

Some of the books any science fiction geek could read this summer

If you’re looking forward to your holidays, I’ve compiled a top 10 list of the best books for science fiction geeks to read beside the pool.

From alternate realities to zombie invasions to whipsmart comedy – there is something for everyone. Happy reading!

The Man In The High Castle

Mind-bending brilliance from Philip K Dick as he creates an alternative universe where the Nazis and Japan triumphed in World War Two.

But is there another world, one made real by the man in the high castle?

A fantastic and thought-provoking read which makes you question the nature of reality alongside the characters in the book.

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Old Man’s War

Pensioners in the future have a choice – die on Earth or sign up for the Colonial Marines and an uncertain future fighting against a myriad of alien enemies.

John Scalzi brings humour and passion to a great story, the first of a trilogy.

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Ex Heroes

I got into this following a recommendation by Nathan Fillion on Twitter and if it’s good enough for Captain Mal, it’s good enough for me.

Superheroes protect the last of humanity from a Zombie plague in future Los Angeles – but is one of them all that they seem? Four books so far in an excellent and fun series.

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A brilliant premise  of being a self-aware cast member of a Star Trek-like show – what lengths will you go  to,  to avoid being a sacrificial Redshirt, and how can you change the system for good?

John Scalzi again, with a wonderfully original  story packed with adventure and humour.

If you get one book on this list, buy Redshirts

The First 15 Lives of Harry August

A fantastic read that had me hooked from the first page. Harry is an immortal, living his life again and again with full knowledge of his previous turns around.

But why is somebody killing off people like him – and can he stop them before it is too late?

This is an eye-opening new look at time travel in faction and heralds the arrival of a fantastically talented author in Clare North.

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Ready Player One

A blast, plain and simple, as the book’s hero Wade Watts battles through the fantasy world of the OASIS, made up of pop culture high points from the 1970s onwards.

Helped by his mates, he tries to claim the ultimate prize – control of the OASIS – before an evil corporation get there first.

Ernest Cline’s love for all things geek shines through on every page of this novel, soon to be a film too.

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 The Forever War

An academy classmate of Old Man’s War, The Forever War asks what happens to a soldier when every trip to every battle takes years in real time.

What is he fighting for when the world he left behind doesn’t exist anymore, and the people he loves are long gone?

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Leviathan Wakes

A movie blockbuster in waiting, Leviathan Wakes is the first book in the Expanse Series from author James SA Corey.

Humanity has colonized the solar system, but why was Captain James Holden’s ship attacked and what is the conspiracy that theatens to destroy everything?

This space opera moves at light-speed from minute one, with a dash of film noir and body horror thrown in. It’s also packed with realistic characters I’m still getting to know four books in.

You can practically hear Hollywood executives opening their cheque books.


Ancillary Justice

Anne Leckie’s debut novel has won every science fiction writing award there is, although I found it hard to get through at times.

Unlike the fast-paced nature of some of my other choices, this is a slow burning tale of a starship trapped in a human body who is desperately hunting for revenge against the person responsible.

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