Spider-Man Avengers post-credits scene is beautifully done – for a fake

The word on the street is that this Spider-Man post-credits scene on Avengers: Age of Ultron is a fake – but it is a pretty cool one if so.

The premise of the wall-crawler heckling a window cleaner is a funny one and definitely on message with the character, but it’s somehow just a bit too ballsy, a bit too in your face for this stage of proceedings.

Yes, Spidey is back home with Marvel but everyone knows that, so sticking him on the end of Avengers seems like overkill.

My learned friend Gary Bainbridge suggests the sensible option would be to put at Ant Man teaser in the credits to drum up interest in that film.

Then Ant Man could be supported with a Spidey teaser as we head for Civil War and his own Marvel film.

I’d also be amazed if Marvel let anything get out of the review screenings of the Avengers which have been taking place today.

Still, enjoy it while it lasts!

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