Foul-mouthed Batman v Superman PLUS more Pete Holmes comedy

During the blog’s absence I’ve become a big fan of Pete Holmes, and he doesn’t disappoint here with his take on Batman v Superman.

Holmes has played Batman – or Badman, in his sketches – for a while now and has pitted the Caped Crusader against the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler and the Scarecrow.

Each sketch by the American comedian has left me crying with laughter and this one is no exception.

I don’t know if Batman has ever said “Fuck You, you fucking nerd, and your nerd hair!” to Superman before,  or told him to do a “Superjeck” while taking down Bane, but the world is a better place for hearing him unload this time.

Scroll down for a selection of Pete Holmes’ other Badman sketches.

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