Does Star Wars still matter?

IT seems almost sacriligious to write those words, but I feel I have to ask the question (so I did, on Ask500, as you can see below. Click here to vote).

Time was, anything to do with Star Wars would have me reaching for my lightsabre (not in THAT way, double entendre fans). I still love the original films, enjoy the expanded universe novels and games like KOTOR, and loved Charles Ross’s one man show when it came to Liverpool.

I mean, come on – what sci-fi fan hasn’t dreamed of flying the Millennium Falcon with Han and Chewie, or being a Jedi Knight?

But for all the good stuff, we have had the prequel trilogy, the Clone Wars films and the latest offering, the Force Unleashed.

The films all bombed and early reviews of the game are not great – certainly not as great as they should be given its premise is kicking people’s ass with the force.

On top of that, when I watched Star Wars for the first time with my 8-yr-old son, his reaction was a distracted ‘meh’.

So, is it over? Answer the question and we will try to find out.

STOP PRESS: It appear people are still bothered about Star Wars – by a margin of two to one on my Ask500 poll. For me, the jury is still out – I think they have to produce something special to win me back.

It is a fact that the best Star Wars stuff in recent years has been produced away from the Skywalker Ranch, like Robot Chicken and KOTOR. Go to it Lucasarts!!

3 thoughts on “Does Star Wars still matter?

  • Rachel Noy


    I think the pure Star Wars died a long time ago, the best of what’s left isn’t Lucas anymore, it’s the fans and the content and fun they make, keeping the spirit of the old stuff alive.

    I haven’t even bothered to see The Clone Wars yet, and this is someone talking that dresses up as Jedi in public.

  • John Manley |


    Some people say he “milked” it. True. But he didn’t have to.

    I’m not big raving Star Wars fan. I though the first three (last three episodes) were great fun, great story, great sci-fantasy. Spiritual undertone (with the force) was a nice touch.

    Couldn’t stand the fourth film (1st episode). Big disappointment. Avoided the 2nd and 3rd episode but finally rented them.

    They weren’t as bad as episode one. But felt like a cartoon (too much CGI, maybe). Anakin was such an annoying character. Yoda lost something. Obe Wan needs his head examined.

    It also lacked the clear, yet effective plot of the first three films. Honestly, I can’t even really tell you 100% what the plot was for the last three.

    Anyways, not sure how something with some much potential went so off course.

    That said, it was neat seeing Anakin get turned into Vadar.

    Too bad it was so quick. They could of got to that by the 2nd film. Then spent the third film with him dealing with his robotic body and insane life.

    That could have worked.


  • Orange Monkey


    The Force Unleashed is a poor game. No doubt about that. It’s a standard third person shooter with the odd cool thing. Smiting foes using the force and a tie-fighter is ace.
    I haven’t even bothered with the Clone Wars movie, I’ll rent it.
    But wasn’t it always like this, from The Star Wars Christmas Special through to Droids and Ewoks cartoons Luca$ has always milked it with lesser product for the kids and the fans have always looked at it with a raised eyebrow.
    My first actual taste of the Star Wars universe was the Ewoks made for TV movie my parents rented for me when I was very small. Looking back on the Caravan of Courage, I would say it wasn’t the best introduction.
    Star Wars will be relevant as long as the fans still love the original trilogy, everything else is spin-off crap anyway.
    As for your son, suck it up. He’ll come around in the end. It’s all about Batman this year is all.
    Sorry about the length, you got me on the right topic.

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