Star Wars Cut Scene creator feels the force with unique Kirigami paper artwork

The Millennium Falcon in the Death Star, as created by Paper Dandy for his exhibition, Cut Scene

The Millennium Falcon in the Death Star, as created by Paper Dandy for his exhibition, Cut Scene

An artist is using the blade skills of a Jedi Knight to express his love for Star Wars through an elegant art form, from a more civilised age – and he needs your help.

Marc Hagan-Guirey, aka Paper Dandy, is midway through creating Cut Scene, an exhibition that recreates 12 iconic moments from the original trilogy using Kirigami.

Kirigami is the painstaking art of cutting and folding a single piece of paper to produce a work of art. They are then displayed in a lightbox using different coloured lights to match the action in the finished work of art.

So far, Marc and his trusty scalpel have replicated the Battle of Hoth, the Millennium Falcon on the Death Star, Princess Leia and R2D2 and the carbon freezing chamber on Bespin.

Princess Leia and R2D2

Princess Leia and R2D2

In order to make the exhibition happen, Marc is running a Kickstarter appeal to raise £16,000, with £11,588 in the bank so far (including a donation from Scyfilove Towers).

A designer by trade who has worked with a range of blue chip clients, Marc got into Kirigami around three years ago.

He said: “I’d been in advertising for about seven years and decided to take a break. Making kirigami was just a side project – a hobby really.

“After I’d made a few models I quickly saw a trend with making haunted houses. I love how my new venture was the complete antithesis to digital media. It felt like a return to what made me who I am today – making stuff out of other stuff for the love of it.”

That blossomed into Marc’s first exhibition Horrorgami, which received widespread acclaim, as well as leading to a book deal.

The Battle of Hoth by Paper Dandy for his exhibition, Cut Scene

The Battle of Hoth by Paper Dandy for his exhibition, Cut Scene

Marc’s love of Star Wars made his next project obvious. He is independent of Lucasfilm, but didn’t answer when I asked him if they’d been in touch, so make of that what you will!

“I have a list of 20 scenes, but they are a secret!” he said. “There are so many iconic scenes to choose from. I’ve made a long list of potential ones and sketched them all up. I do gravitate towards things that I think will challenge me.

“The whole sequence of the war on Hoth is my favourite but the final Vader, Skywalker, Palpatine confrontation still has my heart racing.

“Normally I can turn a single execution for a client job around in five days. However I’ve been tinkering with the Carbonite Freezing Chamber kirigami for around two years.”

Marc’s ambition for Cut Scene is to tour the exhibition to different cities and share his love of Star Wars.

The carbon freezing chamber in Bespin, as created by Marc

The carbon freezing chamber in Cloud City, as created by Marc

“Even though the target for the exhibition seems quite high; after fees, tax and VAT it’s not a massive amount. I’m likely to make a loss of a couple of thousand. l hope my accountant doesn’t read this!”

To support Marc’s appeal, click here to see his Kickstarter page.

You can also click here to visit Marc’s website.

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