Not that type of love

IT HAS just struck me that certain types of people who search the internet may be attracted to this blog for the wrong reasons.

For the record, it is a healthy love of the genre I will be writing about on SciFi Love.

It is not the type of love that can get you arrested in certain countries, involving STAR BABES FROM PLANET SEX who try to conquer Earth through shagging and using dildo shaped spaceships!!!

Neither is it the type of love some dusky alien chick would always ask Captain Kirk about in Star Trek, in episodes that would end with her saying ‘I know now why you cry …’ in a soft focus close up.

I’m glad I cleared that up.

One thought on “Not that type of love

  • Alison Gow


    Of course, the rules of SEO mean that this post will prove incredibly popular – ‘specially if you hyperlink Sex Babes 😀
    It’s an honour to welcome you to the blogosphere Capt Mac – I look forward to linking to you in future…
    PS I watched Dr Who for the first time since, ooh, the scary statues one this weekend. I still prefer Christopher thingy though…

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