New Star Trek leaves me missing Shatner

AFTER enthusiastic badgering from my friends, I saw the new Star Trek trailer this week.

And … well, let’s just say that I hope JJ Abrams is keeping his powder dry (and drops the car bit).
That’s not to say it wasn’t good – it was – but I can’t help feel that we deserved more.
That goes for one bit of it in particular – the Kirk, Spock, McCoy bit.
For me Kirk is the key because William Shatner’s performance was so distinctive. I’ve seen the pictures and heard the interviews but I still need convincing that Chris Pine can pull it off.
He’s going up against William Shatner for god’s sake! The Shat! Mr Tambourine Man! A living legend who has defied interesting cadence choices to build a career spanning five decades.

No matter what you think of him as a man, he is Captain Kirk and was the centre point of the show and the films. That’s a crucial burden to carry for someone who looks like 90210 would be too much for him.

Spock – because of the character’s nature – would be easier to play but seems at risk of becoming Sylar lite given the footage in the trailer, while McCoy – Bones, the classic hand-wringer – is virtually invisible.
As proved over 70-odd episodes and the films, Shatner had such wonderful chemistry with De Forest Kelley and Leonard Nimoy that when it worked, it really was lightning in a bottle. (That’s despite Shatner being the type of guy who would crap on the last piece of pizza, just so no-one else could have it, allegedly)
Spock was logic, McCoy was heart and Kirk was action – making a decision and charging in like the glory-hogging, alien beauty kissing, strange … talking … and … singing … swine he was.
Obviously the current crew of the Enterprise are just starting their voyages together, but I have been burned with too many films in the past to rave over them.
I want to be queueing outside the cinema on day one of its release, I want to be cheering at the end, I want to have faith – but I don’t yet.
Prove me wrong JJ.

One thought on “New Star Trek leaves me missing Shatner

  • Alison Gow


    I hate to say it but on the strength of what I’ve seen you’re going to be one angry blogger by the end of the film. Roll on Watchmen!

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