Sarah Connor terminates Heroes

AFTER hammering Heroes, it seems only right that I spread some sci-fi love and the recipient is the excellent Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This has been shown on satellite in the UK and has had a checkered past, with the first series truncated by the writers’ strike and the second only getting the agreement for a full run halfway through production.

Even now the chances for a third series look shaky at best, but I am bamboozled why that should be the case because it is great science fiction television.

For those who don’t know, it is set after the events of Terminator two in the mid 1990s, with a teenage John Connor gathering experience to become the leader in the battle with the machines. He is helped by his mum Sarah, a female terminator called Cameron and his uncle, Derek Reece, sent back from the future. On their heels are various terminators and also FBI Agent Ellison, investigating Sarah.

However – for reasons too complicated to explain – they time-travelled into their future and now battle against Skynet’s schemes in the present day.

From the start it has been almost perfect sci-fi with great characters, good production values, a solid storyline and consistency with the films.

The cast is note perfect too, from Lena Headey’s tough but tender Sarah Connor to Summer Glau’s Cameron – building on the otherworldly weirdness she brought to Firefly. Even Brian Austin Green – last seen in wanky teen show Beverly Hills 90210 – brings charisma and grit to Reece.

The biggest compliment I can give it is that it stands alongside any of its predecessors, some achievement given the first two films were classics, and even the third was quite good. A cameo by Ah-nold is probably out of their budget, but he is not missed.

Will we be able to say the same about the new film? Well, Christian Bale is a big plus, but McG (shudder)?

Given the standard they have to live up to, I await the results with interest, but T:TSCC definitely means they have definitely had to raise their game.

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  • Orange_Monkey


    Crimes, love for SCC. Gave up after S1, it didn’t keep my attention and was surprisingly difficult to keep on top of if you missed an ep. I’ll be honest it felt cheap to me. As for McG, who knows, the trailer looks good. Crash bang film-making but fun (I like Transformers movie though so you can discredit the above post if you wish)

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