Matt Smith is the new Doctor Who, says Steven Moffat

WRITING that title seems strange, because I can honestly say I have never heard of Matt Smith before now – before the embargo was broken and the secret was let out of the bag by Steven Moffat and co. (His Wikipedia page is here, if you’re in the same boat)

I haven’t watched anything he was in all the way through and can’t say he stood out in the bits I vaguely remember of the Ruby In The Smoke and Party Animals. I dare say I will be watching as much of his stuff as I can between now and 2010.

And my thoughts were heading in completely the other direction (older doctor, Bill Nighy, remember? Best gloss over it now – about as far off the mark as it was possible to get. Ha – I fooled you didn’t I? I was in on it and wanted to throw you off the scent …. not buying it? Me neither.)

I have had some time to mull it over and watched the extended interview with him on the Doctor Who website (have a look for yourself here) and read the full press release from the Beeb … I have a good feeling.

Why? Obviously I’d like to say I’ve had my eye on this kid for some time and always thought he could step up (but that would be a lie).

There are three reasons.

Firstly, he has a look about him. I know, I know, everyone has a look about them (that’s like saying he has a nose. Interesting insight, genius!), but what I mean is he looks right for this role – which Steven Moffat said played a large part in his casting from the moment he walked through the door. There’s a more than meets the eye, timeless vibe to him that will help him.

Secondly, he has earned my admiration already because he has kept his secret. I’m good at keeping secrets, but if someone told me I was the next Doctor but I had to keep it quiet, I’d last about two minutes before blurting it out to any passing stranger and bouncing off the walls. Jesus – what a thing to do!!

Finally, I know enough about Steven Moffat to say that when it comes to producing top quality television, I trust him absolutely. From Press Gang to now, he has a body of work that shines with quality.

If the Grand Moff thinks Matt Smith is the obvious choice to become the next John Smith (see what I did there!), then who am I to argue?

As Matt Smith says in his interview, he is at the start of a journey – and we are going to take every step with him (even though, at 11 years older than the new Doctor – or 892 years younger, depending on your perspective) I’m more excited than I should be!

Good luck sir – and see you in 2010.

3 thoughts on “Matt Smith is the new Doctor Who, says Steven Moffat

  • kev core


    On that Confidential interview with him I was unsure until I saw his great big flapping hands. Now I’m sold. He waves them around admirably. On the minus side, I’ve never been older than the current doctor. It’s some kind of watershed.

  • hellsbitch


    I had never heard of him til Confidential today but I say give him a chance. Ive read lots of blogs (elsewhere) already slating him. I remember when Chris Ecclestone changed into David Tennant and we all got a little nervous. How could he beat Chris on charisma and the up to date sexiness he brought to the role but he did and he excelled giving us the best doctor to date. Matt is stepping up and for me he’s got the look, he’s got the hair and he was brimming with the right kind of excitement when he was interviewed. I am looking forward to finding out more about him in the things he has already done and I am definitely looking forward to meeting him as our 11th doctor.

  • Robin Brown


    Agree with you on ‘the look’. I’ve seen him described elsewhere as having a face that looks like a foot, which may be unkind but isn’t without a grain of truth. There is a glimmer of a young Tom Baker about hims, which I’m sure has also occurred to Moff.

    Just a bit of a shame he isn’t 20 years older. At this rate Doctor 13 will be a ten-year-old.

    Still, I do trust the Moff, though I may take issue with the praise of his entire canon. Chalk!?

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