Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things toy is genius

REGULAR readers of this blog (I’m talking to you – my friends who I nag, and whoever it is in Mountain View, California) will know that I love Doctor Who.

And within the Who, I especially loved Human Nature and the Family of Blood, Paul Cornell’s wonderful two-parter where the Doctor chooses to become human, and hides out in an English school in 1913. That’s why I was so delighted to see this on the net.

Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things

Yes – it is the journal of impossible things – the diary the Doctor, as teacher John Smith, used to jot down his dreams of adventures in the blue box, dreams that only Martha Jones knew were real.

On the show, it was only glimpsed briefly but looked like a fantastic piece of work – authentic and lovingly crafted, and I have been dying to have a closer look at it ever since.

Now they are bringing it out as a toy, I think my son Izaak may well be getting one in the near future. And when I say Izaak, I – of course – mean me. ;-D

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