Bonus Guest Blog – great Star Wars fan videos, by Anorak City’s Steve Wollaston

IN a extra super bonus guest blog (he was late getting back to me if you must know) Steve Wollaston from Anorak City scours the interwebs on our behalf.

EVER since a young bearded man had an idea about princesses, farm boys and asthmatic mask wearers who dig capes, Star Wars has attracted every degree of fandom – from the people who watch it every now and then to those with the cast tattooed on their backs whose kids are called Chewie and Lando.

As with all cultural phenomenons, the web and particularly You Tube is a rich source of Star Wars obscurities.

Here are a few of the odder Star Wars fan videos.

A bizarre recreation of the garbage compactor scene from Star Wars. I was actually convinced that ‘Luke’ was drowning for a minute in all those Lilly pads.

The Sexy Stormtrooper dance. Wrong in oh so many ways!

This is the Turkish version of Star Wars. I have picked out the Jedi training scene as a particular favourite. Perhaps the oddest thing I have ever seen.

A home video by a Star Wars collector with a ridiculous amount of memorabilia and time on his hands. Very long but worth waiting for the line ‘Here’s my Han Solo shelf’

And finally, Star Wars the Gangsta rap – no explananation needed

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