Klingon Propaganda viral video puts Star Trek geeks in StoVoKor

THIS Klingon propaganda viral video has been doing the rounds for a few days now, and it is all kinds of forehead-ridged, bat’leth swinging awesome.

The song tells of the mighty Klingon empire and how they’ve been kicking ass and taking names since back in the day (Trekmovie.com have a fuller translation). It also links through to a cool website – if you understand Klingon – which has some other nice looking stuff on it.

The thing is, no-one knows who is behind the video or the site and all the usual Star Trek sources for stuff like this are shrugging their shoulders and stepping back (as I guess they would).

Whoever put this together, it is a beautiful piece of work that really captures the Klingon mood – you know with lots of battles, honour, sharp objects, conquest and gakh, washed down with a bottle of blood wine! Tasty.

It looks like the fun isn’t over yet either, as a new video has emerged taking it onto the next level.

Offocial Trek? Promotion for the upcoming Trek DVD? Or just someone having some fun? Regardless, they get a Scyfi Love tip of the cap.

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