Buck Rogers disco dances – great sci-fi moments number one

Buck Rogers disco dancing

Buck Rogers disco dancing

Buck Rogers was one of my favourite shows when I was younger – mainly because he hung around with some hot future babes in the form of Wilma Deering and Princess Ardala.

In the surprisingly few shows that were filmed (best titles included Space Vampire, Planet of the Amazon Women and Space Rockers), that love triangle was never better expressed than in this landmark scene in the opening episodes.

Have a look at this golden moment where Buck grows tired of future dancing and convinces the orchestra to get down.

Never mind the fact that the conductor instantly understands what Buck means from the most vague of instructions, or that Gil Gerard is to dancing what I am to Lithuanian basket weaving. Or that prior to this scene, Twiki gave Buck what is effectively a date rape drug that he uses later to knock out the princess.

When I was a young boy, this scene in Buck Rogers the height of cool sophistication.

And I dreamed, like Buck, of having to choose between the smokin hot Princess or buttoned up and sexually repressed Wilma.

A difficult choice to be sure, but I think Wilma would have won out for me. Why? Well, with Wilma, there’s always the chance to release the volcanic passion smouldering beneath that dress uniform. (which incidentally showed in episode after episode that clothing technology had not advanced sufficiently in 500 years to disguise one of the most pronounced camel toes I have ever seen)

By contrast, with Ardala what you see is what you get, she seems incredibly needy, and plus you’d always have to come up with more plots to take over Earth, and who wants that?

Still, it would be fun while it lasted, and something to tell your mates about.

As I said in the title, this is number one in a series of great sci-fi moments, picked for no other reason that they resonated with me at some point in my life. I’ll put more up as and when, but please fell free to suggest your own for me to include.

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  • Buck Rogers in C25th is truly one of the most astonishing programmes created, and this scene stuck with me since my youth. Erin Gray (?) has too and made more of an impression on me during a season of repeats when I was, ooh, about 15.

    As for other classic sci-fi moments I remember from my youth:
    The flying rubber creatures from Operation Annihilate; the Cybermen robots in Earthshock reducing soldiers to puddles of bubbling liquid; Davison and Peri apparently being executed by firing squad in Androzani; and most memorable of all, the final shootout in Blake. Remember them like they were yesterday.

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