How Michael Myers is bringing back The Last Starfighter

I AM officially a big fan of The Last Starfighter, which tells the story of a normal lad who plays a video game, which is actually a training device for a futuristic space fleet that was delivered to Earth by mistake.

But today I found out something which made my love for the film all the deeper.

The Last Starfighter was directed by Nick Castle. So what you say? So this, says I!

Nick Castle was also the guy who played Michael Myers in Halloween (up until his William Shatner mask is taken off) – the version of Michael called The Shape.

He was a friend of John Carpenter and took part because Carpenter thought he had an interesting walk.

Cool hey? But not as cool as this.

If you look at Nick Castle’s page on the internet movie database, there is an entry for Starfighter – a film he is working to get made about Alex Rogan returning to Earth to fight off Xur and the Ko-dan Armada who are back for revenge.

Will this get made? I don’t know, but I think it would be great if it did as the first one was such a blast. If not, Castle can alway slip on his mask to get a few more dollars out of the studios. It’d be hard to refuse Michael Myers!