Top 5 Sci-Fi Babes

Johnny Bravo ‘Hey there future babe, I’ve set my phasers to lurve!’

FOR as long as there have been sci-fi programmes, there have been sci-fi babes.

So, in shameless attempt to appeal to the sci-fi watching key demographic, here is a list of my top five future chicks.

And it’s been tough to choose – a long and arduous process, but I put myself through it for you, my blog readers (always assuming there are more than one)

1. Wilma Deering
There are many great things about the 25th century, but the main one was the fact they made their hot-ass military commanders wear nothing but skin-tight jumpsuits. For men of a certain age, Buck Rogers was a god, and Wilma – played by Erin Grey – made them feel a bit funny, like they were climbing the ropes in PE. And don’t get me started on Princess Ardala.
2. Trinity
Any girl who can fire two pistols while hovering in mid air doing the splits has got to be fun at parties.
3. Seven Of Nine
Star Trek Voyager was dying on its arse before they brought in Seven, who was one of the evil Borg. However, before you could say ‘why Miss ofNine, you’re beautiful’ she was in the lycra catsuit and exploring her emotions. The result? Viewing figures through the roof.
4. Caprica Six
A Cylon agent whose main job seems to be shagging and wearing tight dresses. Curse them and their emotionless cyborg ways!!
5. Barbarella
Took sci-fi chicks to a whole new level with a zero-G strip, one they have yet to return to, except in porn films like Flesh Gordon, the Sperminator or Star Whores (all of which are masterpieces … erm … or so I’m told).
So there you have it. Before you start, I know I’ve missed loads out, but I only had space for five. Still, feel free to add your own choices too.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Sci-Fi Babes

  • Bootle Dave


    Gay Ellis from UFO. Purple hair and the tightest silver jumpsuit you’ve ever seen. Unremarkable as an 11-year-old. Revisiting it on ITV4 recently . . . . Phew!
    PS Totally agree with Jessica Alba . . . but from the FF movie.
    And finally. The most babelicious of them all Alexandra Bastedo as The Champions’ Sharon McCready.

  • How can you not have Jessica Alba from her Dark Angle days!

  • Graham Bandage


    Diana, the evil Visitor commander in V. Beautiful, sophisticated and could dislocate her jaw. Played by Jane Badler – whatever happened to her?

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