Star Wars screen tests – Christopher Walken, Kurt Russell, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher (with hidden Harrison Ford)

HARRISON Ford famously came to the Star Wars role that made him by accident – testing alongside a succession of actors and actresses as a favour until George Lucas realised the Han he’d been looking for had been there all the time.

Up until that point, loads of hot actors had been up for the role including Christopher Walken and Kurt Russell, whose screen test has been doing the rounds lately.

But I think Christopher Walken’s was much better.

I joke – just the incredibly talented Kevin Spacey doing a nailed on Walken impersonation for Saturday Night Live a while ago. Brilliant though eh?

Here’s Kurt Russell doing his thing too.

And because you’ve got this far – here’s Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher’s auditions (with Mr Ford acting as the ‘other’ person in them – ironic as he went on to be the biggest star of the lot).

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