Pionen White Mountains nuclear bunker in Stockholm offers office fit for a Bond villain

THERE can’t be many people who go to work in a bunker under 30metres of solid rock that can withstand a nuclear blast, but the staff at Bahnhof ISP have got that box ticked. Check this out!

Pionen white mountains

How freakin cool is that!!?!!

The answer is awesomely cool, in a Ken Adam at the top of his game, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, secret base to plot the war against the Terminators kind of way.

Set below Stockholm, the office is a hangover from the cold war that was blasted away and refurbished in 2007 and 2008 and still goes by its codename of Pionen White Mountain.

So the 15 full-time staff don’t feel like trolls, it also has built in waterfalls, greenhouses, a fish tank and simulated daylight too.

Pionen white mountains

It gets better!

As the site hosts Bahnhof’s network operations centre, it has full redundancy with fibreoptic cables and copper wires coming into the mountain three different ways. And should the power fail, they have two submarine engines waiting to kick in.

Submarine engines providing backup power!!! With submarine klaxons too – just for kicks!!

All in all, this has to be the most sci-fi supercool place to work I think I have ever seen, and I’m not alone.

Jon Karlung from Bahnhof said “I’m personally a big fan of old science fiction movies. Especially ones from the 70s like Logan’s Run, Silent Running, Star Wars (especially The Empire Strikes Back) so these were an influence.

“James Bond movies have also had an impact on the design. I was actually looking for the same outfit as the villain ‘Blofeld’ in Bond and even considered getting a white cat, but that might have been going a bit far!”

Trust me Jon, when you work in a hardened nuclear bunker with waterfalls and submarine engines, you are waaaay beyond going too far. Has anyone else seen anything that tops this?

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