The Mercury Men are coming

OCCASIONALLY in Scifi Love towers, I come across a shining beacon of creativity and coolness – such a beacon is The Mercury Men.

It is an upcoming sci-fi web series about aliens invading Earth with their doomsday device, the Gravity Engine. So far, so delightfully retro-kitschy – just check out that poster!

Given that the cost of making a series like this is coming down and the amount of techno support to amateur film-makers is on the up, hopefully we will see more of these as time goes on. (like the Star Trek films of James Cawley).

As they say themselves, this is the way films used to be made – simply, but with no little skill, bags of initiative and plenty of enthusiasm.

I am looking forward to black and white, Flash Gordon-inspired excitement from the Mercury Men and salute them for their efforts.

Top work chaps, and is their any chance of joining The League?

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