Chuck’s series three renewal shows his kung fu is strong (Possible spoilers)

GIVEN the number of great shows that got shut down and the piles of crap that continue to get renewed again and again (I’m looking at you, Heroes) I had almost given up on American television moguls.

But sometimes the cosmic tumblers click into place and they make a perfect decision. So it is with Chuck.

Amazingly, given that it has been consistently smart, funny and warm since minute one, with a great cast and immaculate genre credentials, its future was considered under threat.

That was despite a second series which built on the strengths of the first, had Scott Bakula in as Chuck’s dad, and ended on this pitch perfect note – I’ve just watched it – as Chuck uploads the new intersect to save his friends, with surprising results.

How brilliant is that? I’ve still got a massive grin on my face for what is a great scene for our massively likeable hero and a wonderful Matrix reference from TV’s number one geek. Plus the show could really go anywhere from here.

So why throw it in? I had no idea back then and still don’t now.

Thankfully, despite the threats to its future, Chuck was saved due to a fan campaign and now is stronger than ever with the studio execs desperate to get it back on air as soon as possible and commissioning more episodes.

And it still has Adam Baldwin channeling the bastard child of Animal Mother and Jane from Serenity, as well as Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, Chuck’s protector and will he/won’t he love interest.

Ah, Sarah – it can never be, but anything that keeps the lovely Yvonne on TV can only be a good thing.

She is A Good Thing on a show full of Good Things and Chuck’s return is the Best Thing of all. Bring on the return of the nerd herd.

One thought on “Chuck’s series three renewal shows his kung fu is strong (Possible spoilers)

  • Chuck is without doubt one of the best programmes on television at the moment.
    It surprises me how many people still haven’t seen it.
    The writing is consistently brilliant, the characters are perfectly rounded with each one fitting in his or her little place in the “universe”, and the casting of said characters is nigh on perfect.
    I don’t remember a single episode in either series so far that has failed to hit the mark.
    Funny, touching and exciting. Sometimes all at once.
    Long may it continue.

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