Journeys in time with Watchmen, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek

IT has been a month since I last posted, but seems like just a few days such have been the demands on my time – my wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey stuff has never been wibblier.

One month ago I publish a post on the Mercury Men, whose work I still await with interest.

In three weeks’ time, I finish watching the Battlestar Galactica episodes I have stored on the Sky+, bringing to an end a remarkable exercise in television writing and production that I have enjoyed from minute one, and that raised the bar across every genre.

One week ago I finish watching the Watchmen, in an empty cinema, and wondering what to make of it all, two weeks after most of my friends and workmates did the same. Wondering at how it looked so great, but felt so empty compared to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s work of genius. At how good the Comedian and Rorschach were, but how wan the Silk Spectre and Dr Manhatten seemed by comparison. And why the ending was completely changed, rendering Manhatten’s final words worthless.

One week from now I laugh along with everyone else at Red Dwarf’s return and thrill to the second Doctor Who special. David Tennant is so right for the role, so perfect, that Matt Smith has some giant shoes to fill.

One year ago I listen as my friend Alison suggests I should write a blog about science fiction. I laugh, but decide to give it a go and start writing. I still haven’t stopped.

Now as then, I don’t claim to reach to the heart of the genre with piercing insights, but just to jot down my thoughts on things that have caught my attention for whatever reason. It has been fun and I’ll keep jotting for a while yet.

One month into the future as I wait for the opening scene of the new Star Trek film, I think of the funny line that will end this post – it makes me laugh.

Ha, ha, ha.

With apologies and kudos to Mssrs Moore, Gibbons and Manhatten

2 thoughts on “Journeys in time with Watchmen, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek

  • Robin


    I’ve come to dread new long-awaited sci-fi stuff. I’m prepared for Doctor Who to be a bit crap, the new Star Trek Film to be utterly ridiculous (as suggested by trailers) and the new Red Dwarf to be OK. I’ll likely spend it wondering at how old everyone looks through. Bah..

  • Rachel Noy


    You’re right about Watchmen, Rorshach was perfect though.

    So excited for Red Dwarf coming back, it will be a great day in geekery.

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