Top 30 science fiction Twitter tweeters to follow – and William Shatner

IT is now almost two years and 4000 tweets since I first gave Twitter a go.

Despite the initial “huh?” and a few weeks of getting used to it, I can’t imagine not using it now. However, just like University you seem to spend most of first six months following everyone you can and then the next six months unfollowing the freaks and refining your online experience.

In that time though, I have managed to connect with some great Science fiction tweeters that every geek should follow. Here they are – and I’d love your suggestions about who I missed out too.

Actors and film types

Wil Wheaton – the uber Twitterer and the model of an early adapter – not bad for the annoying kid from Star Trek that everyone wanted to be Borg fodder.

Brent Spiner – Mr Data himself from TNG is a weird one, as he often seems to be having admittedly entertaining conversations with different parts of his own mind. Either that or he is a) rich and b) bored.

Simon Pegg – continuing the Trek theme, Scotty and slacker rolled into one.

Nick Frost – because you couldn’t have Simon Pegg without him.

Edgar Wright – completing the holy trinity of geek chic film-makers.

Jon Favreau – Iron Man director, sharer of secrets from the set and all round nice bloke

Nathan Fillion – Captain Hammer, Captain Tightpants and funny as hell

Jewel Staite – shiny and funny. Everyone’s secret Firefly crush.

Duncan Jones – Director of Moon, David Bowie’s lad and another all star Twitterer.

Anthony Daniels – funny, although not much interaction from C3PO. Tweets alot though.

Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia herself, and another real person behind the Tweets.

Warwick Davis – bestriding the worlds of Star Wars and Harry Potter as only someone who has played an Ewok and a Goblin can, a great tweeter – often from his make up chair on set.

Ray Park – Darth Maul and Toad from X-Men. Get the feeling he is still getting the hand of Twitter.

Ahnold Schwarzenegger – The Governator himself, but probably some nerdy kid in his office.

Robert Llewellyn – Kryten from Red Dwarf, Car Pooler and sharer of on-set secrets

Writers and other creative sorts

Dave Gibbons – one half of the genius team behind Watchmen.

David Williams – sci-fi and cyberpunk author. Get in now as he will be massive soon.

Paul Cornell – Doctor Who and comic book writer, plus amusing Tweeter

James Moran – writer at the eye of the Torchwood storm, stuck at Twitter despite it all, and I’m grateful he did.

Murray Gold – Doctor Who composer

2000AD – geek heaven, with Judge Dredd.

Leah Moore – one half of Moore and Reppion, a new mum and Alan’s daughter. Plus a lovely person.

John Reppion – the other half of Moore and Reppion!

Neil Gaiman – the ultimate genius.

Cory Doctorow – interesting author, if a bit up his own backside

Your actual astronauts

Buzz Aldrin – man on the moon and inspiration for a certain Space ranger.

Mike Massimino – an astronaut who tweeted from the International Space Station

Other sci-fi bloggers

Cheryl Mullin – my favourite geek girl

Den Of Geek – does exactly what it says on the tin.

Live For Films – Phil Edwards runs an awesome film blog, packed with sci-fi goodness.

And how not to do it

William Shatner – I love the Shat but his Twitter stream is just one long list of adverts to things he is selling or appearing in.

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