Doctor Who: from Planet of the Dead to War of the Masters?

LAST night’s Doctor Who was good enough to whet everyone’s appetite for what is to come, if a bit unremarkable in its own right. (I likes Lee Evans though)

By far the most interesting thing happened in the last few minutes of the episode. First you had the psychic lady on the bus repeating the ‘Your Song is ending’ line and saying something is coming out of the darkness for the Doctor.

She also said he would knock four times (twice on the pipes, if the answer is no), which screams the Master – sound of drums and all that – as did the cloister bell sounding in the trailer for the next special.

In the trailer, the title of the next special was revealed, along with some suitably creepy footage that reminded me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And here was where anagram fans went into overload.

I’ve never been one for Countdown myself, so needed IO9 to spell it out for me that The Waters of Mars – the title of the special – is actually an anagram of War of the Masters. (Or the Master of Wars and so on)

Now, RTD has form for this kind of thing and it may be a double bluff, but there have been enough rumours floating around about the Master’s (and maybe John Simm’s) possible return to give this credence.

I also wonder if the constant mysterious flashes of light on Donna Noble’s oversize ring during series four will come into play, given RTD penchant for bringing back characters after seemingly writing them off forever.

“She can never remember … unless we need her to, in which case we’ll explain this complete about face in a few lines of mumbo jumbo.”

Going back further, it was a woman’s hand that picked up the master’s ring at the end of series three and as I have blogged on before, Donna’s name means time lord.

At this point I could disappear up my own arse or into a quantum singularity, pondering about the possible meaning of every little thing. I won’t do that.

I will also acknowledge the possibility that sometimes, The Waters Of Mars will just mean a story about evil water on the Red Planet, and all this master stuff is a colossal red herring. It also looks great in its own right – creepy, as the best Who stories are.

However, as always with Doctor Who, half of the fun for people like me is analysing this type of fan wank until our heads explode, and from now until the special is broadcast, I will probably drive myself mad doing it all over again.

Any thoughts anyone?

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who: from Planet of the Dead to War of the Masters?

  • Oh yeah, never mind errant time lords…if the next special is set on Mars do we get Ice Warriors?

  • robinbrown


    Russell can rarely pass up the opportunity to construct an unlikely web of gibberish that results in a huger pay-off. I feel he’s unlikely to do so this time. Expect Donna, Rose, Martha, jack, Mickey, Sarah-Jane, The Brig, Wilf, Dalek Caan, Bad Wolf, Ann Robinson, The Master, Adam, Pete and The Ninth Doctor in the final episode.

  • robinbrown


    Rusell can rarely control himself in the vent of a possible big reveal following several years of heavy hints. Expect every companion, baddy and minor character turn up in an unlikely manner in the last episodes. Still, that trailer looks quite good.

  • Could be The Masters Of War and the Doctor joins forces with Bob Dylan!

    I’m not helping am I? 😎

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