Great sci-fi moments number 12 – Dolph Lundgren kicks alien ass in Dark Angel

LOW budget 1990 science fiction actioner Dark Angel (also known as I Come In Peace) makes the greatest moments list for one reason only – the best one-liner in the history of all film one liners.

In case you haven’t seen it – and I presume that’s most people – Dolph Lungren is a maverick cop (of course) trying to catch an alien who has come to Earth to harvest endorphins from people’s brains using cocaine and a special injecting needle tentacle.

The alien prefaces each killing spree – and there are many – by saying ‘I COME IN PEACE’ to which Dolph replies ‘BUT YOU GO IN PIECES.’ That is all kinds of awesome!!

Cool stuff eh? I watched it back in the day and remember enjoying the occasional nudity, explosions and gunplay, although it obviously rips off films like Predator (unstoppable alien killing machine with super advanced weapons), Terminator and the Lethal Weapon buddy cop movies too.

However Mathius Hues makes a good villain while Brian Benben – who was great in Dream On – makes a good comedy sidekick to Lundgren, still toying with leading man status at that stage of his career.

The sheer ambition of the script also deserves credit – aliens harvesting brains, razor sharp flying discs that never miss their target (except when they were fired at Dolph), kick ass fight scenes – you name it.

In fact, I’d say it is ripe for a remake – but with A-list talent and special effects.

How about Brad Pitt or Sam Worthington in the Lundgren role, Steve Carell or John Cusack as the comedy sidekick and The Rock as the alien killing machine. Or can you come up with anyone better?

Tell me what you think