Might new Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan be old too?

The announcement of new Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan got me thinking.

Firstly was who is she? Relatively unknown, but that’s no bad thing – trust in the Moff to pair he right actress up with Matt Smith.
Secondly, I hope she is not a modern day girl from London again – after Billie, Freeman and Catherine, I think we have all had enough of that. Yes, I know they are supposed to be the everywoman to whom we can relate, but by now, most people watching the show are quite happy relating to a 900-year-old alien. Make her from the past, from another planet – whatever you like.
And finally,  doesn’t she look like a young Catherine Tate? My colleague at work, @grahambandage pointed it out to me, to the point where he rushed across the office to blurt it out.
Buy hey – she’s Scottish! So what? So was Davey T and you’d never have known it.
Given the fact that Catherine Tate is in the final episodes – in whatever form – and her previous Time Lordiness as the DoctorDonna, might RTD & the Moff be planning a double regeneration?
Probably not, but as you know, I love driving myself crazy with this stuff. If I am honest, I think Moff will want a clean break, but you never know with Who.

2 thoughts on “Might new Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan be old too?

  • Robin Brown


    I read a very old report on the net suggesting she’d be a C19th servant or something similar, which would be a pleasant change from the Rose/Marfa/Tate trio, though I still adore Feema.

  • Orange Monkey


    A double regeneration would be f*cking awesome like you wouldn’t believe. I think they need to do more period stuff though. The present day London / Cardiff stuff is always the weakest episodes.

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