Science fiction legend Sigourney Weaver Avatar interview as I get a message from More magazine

IN WHAT is a first for me and this blog, I had a message from More magazine (from a senior PR bod in New York no less! I’m obviously going up in the world!), who have interviewed Avatar star Sigourney Weaver for their December issue.

I’m not a regular reader so don’t know what it will be about in general, but they have offered up some great quotes from Sig (as I know her) about her role in Avatar, Avatar’s effect on people’s bladders and reuniting with James Cameron for the first time since Aliens, and we all know how that turned out.

Anyway, here they are – read on and enjoy and if you’re suitably inspired, the December More comes out on November 24.

About watching Avatar in its final, 3-D animated form: “I sat next to Stephen Lang [who plays the base’s head of security], and we were nervous as two kittens. About a third of the way in he turned to me and said, ‘People are going to piss themselves when they see this movie.’ I thought to myself, they’re going to piss themselves again and again and again. Because it’s just one amazing scene after the other.”

About her not-so-sexy debut in sci-fi: “I didn’t have to be a superwoman in a tiny outfit doing bizarre things. My impression is that [today’s young actresses] want to be more glamorous, like, ‘Why can’t I be smart and powerful and sexy?’ Well to me what was sexy about Ripley was that she was who she was.”

About compromising when filming Aliens:
“I work for gun control, and I was just appalled, frankly. I had to use not only a machine gun but a flamethrower and a bazooka, often at the same time. But you do a little practice to get ready, and it’s very addictive, I’m afraid.”

They also have a really nice back and to between Sigourney and James Cameron about working together and Avatar, which you can read here.

All in all, I keep hearing good things about Avatar and getting a nice message about it from More only makes me feel more well disposed towards it. Yes, I am that shallow and easily led, and if anyone else wants to send me cool stuff about their upcoming sci-fi blockbuster or product, feel free (except you, Brett Ratner).

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