Science fiction inventions laser gun and jet pack coming true

A WHILE ago I blogged about how the sci-fi inventions I assumed would be part of every day life by now had not turned up – but it seems I criticised the egg-headed scientist types too soon.

Within the space of two days, lasers and jet packs took a giant leap from the pages of sci-fi stories and into my gotta get me one of those list.

Firstly the laser, and Boeing used a Matrix – Mobile Active Targetting Resource for integrated experiments – beam to shoot down five airborne drones, as well as testing the laser avenger, which shoots a laser beam combined with a machine gun. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the Scyfi Love awesomeness scale, that comes in at holy fracking shit.

It’s virtually Tie Fighters vs the Millennium Falcon, with kills counting double in the money lane.

Shooting down planes with a laser was enough to send my geek alert off, until I saw this video and spent 10 minutes jumping around the room with jet pack excitement.

That super cool thing of beauty is the JetLev flyer water jetpack which uses a 33-foot hose and 255hp engine to pump gallons and gallons of water through its hose and spew it out of its nozzles, letting you fly around at speeds faster than 40 mph for over an hour at full throttle. Plus I’m pretty certain that if you had a wee while jetting around in one of those, no-one would ever know.

To me, never mind the awesome scale, that is made out of solid gold awesome (as are the other current jet packs that are off the drawing board) although its price tag of somewhere between $170,000-191,000 may be a slight hitch to me ever owning one.

But whether I have one of those or not, it seems that more and more, the future is now. All we need is killer robots that look like hot chicks and the world is our highly scientific oyster.

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