William Shatner watches Star Trek and meets Chris Pine, JJ Abrams

Despite the seeming bad blood about not appearing in the new Star Trek film, you have still got to love William Shatner.

He seems genuinely pleased by what he sees, but – showing the savvy that has seen him get the absolute maximum from his talents – still mentions his feud with George Takei and his new book about Star Trek Academy.

I’ve read a couple of his books and – while I suspect he is not too involved in the actual writing of them – they are fairly decent holiday page turners. I think the latest one may get lost against the backdrop of the big film hoopla though.

Still, it was nice to see him show good grace here about what everyone now says is a worthy addition to the canon.

Here’s a bonus vid I just found too, where he meets the cast of the new film and at one point, seems to ask JJ Abrams outside for a fight. Good old Bill.

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