Sexy Heroes star Hayden Panettiere covers herself in champagne in new Tyler Shields video

Hayden PanettiereI HAVE been pretty scathing about Heroes, but god damn it I am totally positive about this video and picture which has something to do with some American photographer or something – to be honest my eyes lost their ability to focus after a few seconds.

The video is of Hayden Panettiere. Being filmed backwards. Covering herself in champagne. And the picture shows her licking a machine gun suggestively. It took me about 15 minutes to write that sentence because my hands were shaking so much because, you know, I love champagne and machine guns. Click through to watch it.

That makes me a sad and predictable man I know, but if watching a video again and again of this smoking hot actress who plays an indestructible cheerleader character who is also a lesbian is wrong, I don’t want to be right. This is definitely one for the dads.

Thanks to Scifi Wire for the heads up.

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