1970s TV science fiction stars and superheroes – best ever picture by Dusty Abell


This is one of the greatest things have ever seen – my eyes and brain are still arguing over whether or not it is real.

Pretty much all the 1970s television heroes and heroines I grew up watching and loving, fantastically captured and realised by artist Dusty Abell.

How many of them can you name? I’ve had a go in invisotext below, and remembered most of them, at least shakily and in some cases almost certainly incorrectly, but I’m still missing a couple.

From left – Wonder Woman, The Man from Atlantis, Starbuck, ?????, Apollo, a Cylon warrior, Steve Austin, ??????, Logan, Cylon Leader, Lucifer, The Invisible Man, Spider Man, the Bionic Woman, Romana (Actually Leela, thanks Gary), Robot, Doctor Who, Urko, Dalek, ??????, ?????, Buck Rogers, David (thanks again Gary) Bruce Banner, Hulk, Twiki, Wilma Deering, Maya, Mork, don’t know name, but was the Greatest American hero or something like that, John Koenig.

The ships, from left, Buck’s space fighter, SHADO 1 (?), G Force (?), Eagle, Cylon basestar, Tardis, Colonial shuttle, Battlestar Galactica, SHADO interceptor, UFO, Colonial Viper, space fighter, Cylon raider.

It is a wonderful piece of work. But I first saw this on the excellent Live for Films blog, created by Phil Edwards, which I urge anyone who has even the slightest interest in movies to check out asap.

6 thoughts on “1970s TV science fiction stars and superheroes – best ever picture by Dusty Abell

  • Bud Hanzel


    Okay. let’s set the record straight (or at least firmly crooked). The characters are: Wonder Woman, Mark Harris, Starbuck, Adam Quark, Apollo, a Cylon, a robot from “Robots of Death” (Dr. Who), Steve Austin, Logan, Imperious Leader, Lucifer, Dan Westin, Jamie Sommers, Leela, Max the bionic dog, The Doctor, Spider-Man, K-9, Robot K-1 (Dr. Who), a Dalek, Urko, Buck Rogers, Captain America, Wonder Woman (1975 pilot), David Banner, the Hulk, Twiki, Wilma Deering, Maya, Mork, Ralph Hinckley and John Koenig. The ships: S.I.D., The Phoenix, a Starfighter, A Viper, an Eagle, Cylon BaseStar, Colonial shuttle, Alien invader, SHADO interceptor, the TARDIS, another Viper, another Starfighter, the Galactica, a Cylon Raider, a third Starfighter and the Spindrift(in Twiki’s hands). I hope this clears up any confusion.

  • Craig Grobler


    The guy next to Mark Harris is Capt Adam Quark from a show called Quark, “Cylon Leader” is actually The Imperious Leader, The Alsation before Dr.Who is Max-a-Million (The Bionic Dog), The couple after the Dalek are Sharon Carter Agent of SHIELD and Captain America.

  • Graham D


    SHADO 1 (S.I.D. Space Intruder Detector from UFO), G Force (the “firey” Pheonix)

    Steve Austin, (The Robots of Death – Dr Who), Logan, Cylon Leader, Lucifer, The Invisible Man, Spider Man, the Bionic Woman, Leela, thanks, (the Kettlewell Robot – Dr Who), Doctor Who (4th), Urko, Dalek, ??????, (Captain America), Buck Rogers

  • Jamie Mc


    The noble-looking green bouffainted sculpty-face one inbetween The £6m Dollar Man and the gentleman in the black suit is one of The Robots of Death from the 1977 Doctor Who story of the same name. They came in three different colours (black, gold and green) and I think the green one was the goodie.

  • Androids Always Win!


    Awesome! all my favorite 70's/80's sci-fi flicks on one poster!

  • Gary Bainbridge


    That's Leela, not Romana, you trilby-wearing, light sabre-wielding buffoon!

    The Greatest American Hero didn't have a super-heroic name, but he was teacher Ralph Hinkley for the first couple of series and Ralph Hanley for the last series.

    They changed his name when John Hinkley shot President Reagan. TRUFAX.

    And Bill Bixby was generally David Banner, rather than Bruce Banner, because Kenneth Johnson didn't like the alliteration and thought "Bruce" sounded too heroic. But Marvel insisted that his name be David Bruce Banner – the name shown on his headstone at the beginning of every episode of The Incredible Hulk.

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